Friday, September 21, 2012

Jim's Bizarro Blogocube

Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

I know it's not much to see yet, but soon this place will be filled with insightful and penetrating observation of things I find interesting.  At least, I will try to make them sound insightful and penetrating.  Some likely topics include movies (scifi is where my attention is most often drawn), comic books, gadgets and interesting corners of the web I happen across.  Hopefully, this will inspire you, the reader, to take similar interest, or offer your opposing viewpoint, or simply while away the hours in the day amused in some small fashion by my ignorance and utter lack of sophistication.  That is, if I'm lucky.

More than likely, there will be thousands...nay, millions of such observations for you to find out here in the endless tracks of the etherwebs, with the majority of these of better quality and more frequently frequented by people whose opinions you actually respect, and this place will just melt into the background noise of the all-pervasive internet mediocrity.  Everyone has a blog by now, right?  Everyone is offering an observation to everyone else, with no seeming qualifier other than hit counts and reader comments to distinguish themselves from the masses.

Still, there is a point, at least for me.  Spewing forth an opinion piece on the latest news byte, or a review of the latest blockbuster movie or monthly comic book is, for me, an exercise in writing structure, an invitation to those with similar interest to opine together, and a way to organize my thoughts on a matter of trivia such that I enter discussion on the topic armed with salient points.

So thank you, and enjoy.

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